Cardthartic Cards & Comforts are carried by 2,500 specialty stores, hospital gift shops, high-end grocers and pet boutiques throughout the US and Canada. Over the past two decades, the company’s card lines have grown to more than 600 designs, all made in the USA using soy ink on recycled paper.

The company was founded in 1992 by former Chicago public relations executive Jodee Stevens, who is also the company's Creative Director and primary writer. When only three-percent of US woman-owned business generate more than $1 million in annual sales, Cardthartic is proud and grateful to be among them.

Cardthartic's creative team feels fortunate to be able to work as all creative people should -- Jodee and Products Manager Ana Behm work in their respective home offices in the same little building overlooking the Atlantic on Miami Beach. Company Operations -- including printing and fulfillment -- is based in Champaign, IL (2.5 hours south of Chicago). That location is ideal for shipping to customers throughout the US, and also enables the company to capitalize on the terrific Midwestern work ethic.

Cardthartic will continue to launch relevant, intelligent new lines, all designed to promote honoring emotions. Stay tuned!