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Love Friendship Card Troll Dolls Birthday Card Claddagh Ring Birthday Card

Lots from me
to you.

Love Friendship Card

go twirl some hair.
You know you want to.
Happy Birthday

Troll Dolls Birthday Card

And you
beautifully embody
all of these for me.
Happy Birthday

Claddagh Ring Birthday Card

USA Thinking of You Card Snakes Support & Encouragement Card A Good Cry Support & Encouragement Card

Just wanting to say that
I feel very blessed
to have you in my life.

USA Thinking of You Card

Keep on.

Snakes Support & Encouragement Card

My heart
is with you.

A Good Cry Support & Encouragement Card

Recovery Support & Encouragement Card Tree of Life Birthday Card Mermaid Birthday Card

Many admire you.

Recovery Support & Encouragement Card

To another year of growing
in strength, wisdom & grace.
Happy Birthday

Tree of Life Birthday Card

Long may she swim!
Happy Birthday

Mermaids Birthday Card

Yin Yang Birthday Card Cardinal Friendship Card Forget-me-nots Condolence Card

Cake & ice cream.
Wishing you sweet harmony.
Happy Birthday

Yin Yang Birthday Card

May the sight of
this little guy
cheer you.

Cardinal Friendship Card

To the happiest memories
now and forever.

Forget-me-nots Condolence Card

Peace Lilies Condolence Card Coloring Birthday Travel Birthday

Wishing you all the comfort
this loving thought
may bring.

Peace Lilies Condolence Card

Wishing you the jumbo box
of life's joys today.
Happy Birthday

Coloring Birthday Card

Wishing you a
safe & happy new year to
enjoy your great love of travel.
Happy Birthday

Travel Birthday Card

Dolphins Birthday Dreamcatchers Birthday Great Cooks Birthday

May your heart
be off swimming with
the dolphins today.
Happy Birthday

Dolphins Birthday Card

May your dreams always
find their feathers.
Happy Birthday

Dreamcatchers Birthday Card

Happy Birthday
to the talented someone
who has spoiled us.

Great Cooks Birthday Card

Phone Dates Friendship Pope Francis Friendship Pineapples Thank You

We're overdue!

Phone Dates Friendship Card

Blessings to you.

Pope Francis Friendship Card

We sure ate, drank
and be’ed merry!
Thanks for your
warm hospitality.

Pineapples Thank You Card

Bubble Bath Support & Encouragement Rainbows Support & Encouragement Sunflowers Birthday

You take care of so much.
Just hoping you're
somehow able
to include

Bubble Bath Support & Encouragement Card

This is a sign
that all things will soon
be bright & beautiful
for you.

Rainbows Support & Encouragement Card

To the love & good wishes
being sent your way,
lean in.
Happy Birthday

Sunflowers Birthday Card

Country Music Birthday Chile Ristra Birthday House Keys New Home

On your birthday,
turn it up and take a back road.
Celebrate that life isn't always easy,
but it's always good.

Country Music Birthday Card

Wishing you
a string of blessings
this birthday.

Chile Ristra Birthday Card

Welcome home.

House Keys New Home Card

Om Support & Encouragement Cake Birthday Tunes Birthday

May peace

Om Support & Encouragement Card

And because
we’re little piggies.
Happy Birthday

Cake Birthday Card

Wishing you the ever-popular,
"Happy Birthday to You!"

Tunes Birthday Card